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October 23, 2012 Subscribe to our Fishing Report

Summary: dolphin wahoo tuna

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Beautiful day and lots of bites.  Many wahoo bites a school of gaffers and large bailers,  and five tuna strikes made for a fun day of fishing.

October 14, 2012 Subscribe to our Fishing Report

Summary: dolphin&wahoo

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Another beautiful day in the Gulfstream.  We trolled baits for a billfish all morniong without seeing a marlin.  Went back to the shallows after lunch and caught twenty five large bailer and gaffer dolphin plus two nice wahoo.

October 11, 2012 Subscribe to our Fishing Report

Summary: wahoo

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Great day in the gulfstream.  Lots of wahoo strikes(between 20 to 30) but we only managed to land seven and a 30 lb class dolphin.  We also pulled the hook on a 200 lb blue marlin.

October 7, 2012 Subscribe to our Fishing Report

Summary: dolphin

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Slick calm,  no wind,  beautiful day and poor fishing.  We found two schools of dolphin and caught about forty.  We had one trolling stride all day-a 250 lb blue marlin which came to a tesaer at the stern of the boat and hooked himself on a shoet rigger.  After taking out about 350 yds of line it threw the hook.  Still very exciting.  Overall poor fishing for the fleet.

September 30, 2012 Subscribe to our Fishing Report

Summary: sailfish&wahoo

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Friday and Saturday were great fishing days with beautiful weathere. Both days we caught all the wahoo the party wanted and went marlin fishing.  Fri we caught five sails and sat we landed one.  Two fun days of fishing.

September 27, 2012 Subscribe to our Fishing Report

Summary: dolphin&tuna

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Great day day of wahoo fishing yesterday.  We caught eight wahoo and three blackfin tuna.  Today the charter wanted dolphin so we went south,  the rest of the fleet went east.  We caught one washho and saw two big blue marlin.  The first blue marlin crashed a big bait and took off jumping.  A five hundred pounder crashing a short bait right at the back of the boat and staying airborne is beyond exciting.  After multiple jumps she threw the hook.  A half hour later a nother large blue marlin crashed a teaser and would not take another bait.  By the way the rest of the fleet loaded up on dolphin to the east.  My bad decision.

September 16, 2012 Subscribe to our Fishing Report

Summary: dolphin, wahoo, sailfish, whitemarlin, and blue marlin

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The currents had changed and nobody was getting any dolphin or wahoo bites so we headed to the deep to try and find some float with dolphin and wahoo around them.  Instead of the meat fish the sailfish, whites and bluemarlin took their place.  We caught eight sailfish , two white marlin, a one hundred seventy-five lb blue marlin and a three hundred fifty lb blue marlin.  We missed another blue marlin on the teaser and at ne time had three whites and two sailfish hooked at the same time-only landing two sails.  Several minutes later we had five or sil sails hooked at the same time breaking three leaderes and catching only one.   We had some Eastern North Carolina boys from Bertie County (where Maizy and I go hunting a lot) and boy did the do a good job of fighting the fish to perfection.  Not loosing a fish after their hands touched the rod.  One of the funiest days I've had in over fifty years in the Gulfstream.